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The BCX Ultra Deluxe and family of products are easy to use, extensively tested and inspected, high performance, quality built in the USA, and are backed by a 3-year warranty. Shop now: 

Limited-time partnership - a portion of proceeds go to Pack Your Trash stickers in local schools!

The BCX Ultra is a Differential Plasma Carrier Modulator combined with a TENS Electrical Stimulator. It comes loaded with frequency programs and can also be programmed! Accessories included: Standard Ray Tubes, Metal Footplates, Metal Hand Cylinders, Gel Pad Set, +DVD Instruction disk, and operators manual.


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Easy to operate:

The Ultra Raytubes are unique Plasma Modulators, in that they produce light and electrical energy differentially at Single and Multiple Frequencies at a carrier Frequency of 100 KHz. 

The TENS Stimulator produces differential electrical current at Single and Multiple Frequencies, with or without Carrier Frequencies up to 4 MHz. 

The two systems operate together with their frequencies and pulses synchronized. 

Both systems have comprehensive waveforms and modulation options. 

Complete Controls provide programs with Sequences and Frequencies, Intensity Control, and Timers. With the BCX Ultra, custom programs can be created. The BCX Ultra comes with everything you need and also has an extensive line of accessories for other fields that can be attached:

*High Power Beam Tube *LED Light Therapy

*Magnetic Pulse Therapy

*Magnetic Wave Therapy

*Far-Infrared Therapy

*Footbath Ionic Detox

*Cosmetic Therapy

Currently the BCX Ultra is a The Finest “Rife Research Instrument”: the most advanced Instrument in its field. *The BCX Ultra with new High Power modifications has more power and greater harmonic resonance and includes all the same accessories. These machines and their predecessors have been made by us for over 30 years.

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