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An Anti-Litter and Anti-Cigarette Butt Campaign (Not an Anti Smoking Campaign:  *Fire it up* Just Pack Your Butts)


Trash and Butts are everywhere – look around… Yuck! On our Seas, Shores, Streams, Rivers, Creeks, Parks and Puddles…

It is your job to Pack Your Trash and Pack Your Butts!

Our story begins in 1964, as one of Santa Cruz and California’s earliest environmental programs. Starting with PPSA (Pleasure Point Surfing Association) placing trash cans, coastal cleanups, the prize winning -Miss California “Keep your Beaches Clean”- float, We continued with the PPNF (Pleasure Point Night Fighters) under the leadership of Harry Conti and Jimmy Phillips with the Pack Your Trash campaign, furthered with Bill Dawson and bringing in international spokesperson Mickey Munoz, and continued with Ray Conti and others in Santa Cruz and Harry and PC in Hawaii. 


Monkey:  “What is self realization…?”

Master: “Self realization is no monkey business, you either know what kind of monkey you are or you don’t.”

Monkey:  “What kind of monkey business are you in?”

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