Bee Team Kauai

Kauai Bee Team is a 501(c)3 nonprofit.  Our mission is to preserve feral honeybee species.  


Funding of the project is through donations and Simple Skin Therapy sales.


call or text for deal and details!

We do not sell our honey. The honey is what keeps the bees healthy, so we do not want to hinder the health of the bees.

We donate our honey to Kauai Hospice, Cancer patients and other non-profits.  

We have figured out a way to get our honey to medical grade through extreme air pressure. We are completely plastic-free.

The entire operation never touches plastic.



Simple Skin Therapy: a healing lip and body balm, all made at our apiary.  The beeswax harvested that goes into this product is like no other, our bees are never fed sugar water, the wax that all made from the pollen and nectar of some of the most rare botanical blooms in the world.  The propolis is also collected from these exotic plants.  Each jar of Simple Skin Therapy consists of the honeybees consumption of nectar and pollen of over 400,000 flowers!  Honeybees have to consume 9 pounds of honey to sweat out 1 pound of wax. Removing the old wax from the hive helps with hive hygiene, so it benefits the bees. 

To apply simply push the front of your nail through the top of the solution and plow out a thin layer.  You can rub it anywhere is safe and edible. 


Great during pregnancy, keeps skin flexible and moist, help prevent stretch marks. Mothers felt better about putting an edible product on their skin that was close to their developing child.  Not proven - but it also could prevent your child from having allergies because of the microscopic pollen corns in the balm.

Helped a mother cure her child from hand foot and mouth disease

Great for diaper rashes

Skin protector and moisturizer

Helps wrinkles and provides nourishment to the skin

Works amazing as an after shave: face, legs, bikini lines… where ever.

Works great on Sunburns, rashes, burns, scars


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