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From our partner Hailey in South Africa:  Hello! I moved to South Africa in 2004 and I am married to a Xhosa South African. I have been doing community development work as a volunteer for 14 years. Our family is passionate about building loving and sustainable communities. We live near Clermont Township in Durban, KwaZulu Natal and are doing our best to help improve the lives of our neighbors who are less fortunate by helping with education and various other types of support. I have been offering empowerment workshops that focus on building communication skills, understanding the need to keep our environment clean and caring for ourselves and others for the past 14 years.


Only wealthy people have access to good education, filtered water, non-processed and healthy foods and the poor struggle with these basic rights as well as the right to a clean and safe environment. The spread of TB, HIV, unsafe housing structures and the abundance of trash in townships across the country are at epidemic levels. The murder and theft rates are also staggering. Solutions that heal the community instead of put band-aids over the wounds are what is needed. 

What we do:

Deliver filtered safe water to people

Bring in volunteers from local areas

Transport youth to and from empowerment programs and service projects, beach clean ups and neighborhood clean ups,

Deliver donated goods such as fresh healthy foods to orphans and other vulnerable groups

Pick Up Recycling from townships for delivery to recycling centers

Currently fundraising for Van, supplies, and outreach materials:  $50,000.

Donate Now!

I am calling on those who have the desire to assist in sustainably helping our neighbors. I look forward to partnering with those who are blessed with the resources we lack.

Thank you for your consideration!

Mrs. Hailey Simanyene Fudu Msc

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